India Requires a Certificate of Inspection for Exports to the United States

The National Organic Program (NOP) reminds certifiers and importers that India requires a Certificate of Inspection for the export of organic products to the United States. The Certificate is to be issued by a government-accredited certification agent via India’s TraceNet system. This final export transaction certificate is provided to the U.S. importer to validate the organic status and volume of the exported products.

All certified operations receiving organic products exported from India are to obtain the Certificate of Inspection to verify organic status, in accordance with 7 CFR § 205.103, Recordkeeping for Certified Operations. U.S. organic regulations require certified operations to maintain records concerning the production, harvesting, and handling of organic agricultural products; and to make such records available to their certifying agent. 

The NOP considers these Certificate of Inspection an essential record to demonstrate good control processes for businesses importing organic products from India.

Additional information about this requirement is available on the NOP webpage for organic trade with India: