Side Effects of the Pandemic: Resources for tending to your well-being

All of us have had to respond to the now on-going pandemic but have we even had the opportunity to stand aside and realize the accumulated impacts we have weathered?  The economic impacts are measurable and support efforts for the agricultural supply chain are happening, but what about the parts we don’t see? The more personal effects Covid-19 is having on us, which really can hit closer to home for farmers and food makers, are possibly innumerable.   As we continue to strive for on-the-ground resilience, absorbing these changes, challenges and uncertainty is undoubtedly impacting our overall well-being.  

If you are experiencing side effects from the recent and current events, you are certainly not alone. It’s pretty amazing what humans are capable of and what’s even more amazing is the support available.  We hope you will find the time to discover ways to lighten the burden, not only by following the links to the resources provided in this post, but also by lending a hand where you can.

We do know from prior research that individuals often find meaning in something that is challenging. They learn strengths about themselves that they didn’t realize previously.
Roxane Cohen Silver, Ph.D., Professor of Psychological Science, Medicine, and Public Health at University of California, Irvine

Farmers and stress: COVID-19 adds fuel to the fire

Includes a process to help manage the pressures that impact your family & farm.

Federal, State and Non-Profit Resources

Includes crisis hotlines numbers, mental health and agriculture issues, and support for farmers and their families.

10 Superfoods for Stress Relief

Find out which foods can curb stress and promote overall well-being.

Exercising to Relax

This article explains how exercise helps to reduce stress and provides suggestions for breathing, mental and muscular relaxation.

Gratitude, The Key to Reducing Stress

A simple concept you can apply to all aspects of your life.