US Importers: What you need to know about the changes in the US-India Organic Recognition

If you are a certified operation importing organic products or ingredients from India and you are wondering how the ending of the US-India Organic Recognition will affect your operation, start by asking “What type of NOP (National Organic Program) Certificate does my supplier have?”

There are two options:

1: If your supplier has an NPOP-NOP certificate issued by an APEDA accredited certification body, then:

  • Prior to July 12, 2021:
    • Make sure your supplier knows that they are required to apply with a USDA accredited certification body before July 12, 2021 in order for you to continue to use them as an organic supplier after this date.
  • After July 12, 2021 (and before July 12, 2022):
    • Verify your supplier’s status on the Organic Integrity Database (OID) prior to making any purchases. The supplier’s status must be either “Certified” or “Applicant” in the OID.
  • After July 12, 2022:
    • Only import from operations that are certified by a USDA accredited certification body, listed as “Certified” in the OID.

OneCert International is the only USDA-accredited certification agency that is also accredited by APEDA and headquartered in India. They would be an excellent choice for USDA accredited certification.

2: If your supplier’s current NOP certificate is issued by a USDA accredited certifier, then:

  • You don’t need to do anything new!
  • However, you must continue to maintain all necessary records for these imports (see below).

Regardless of what type of NOP certificate your supplier has, you must continue to verify your supplier’s certified status and maintain all necessary records for the items imported.

This includes:

  • Keeping current NOP scope certificates for the supplier(s), which must list the organic products or ingredients imported
  • Obtaining Tracenet TC’s for all shipments
  • Making sure all labeling is compliant and approved
  • Documenting traceability that links back to the certified supplier (e.g. invoices, packing lists, BOL’s, etc.)
  • Maintaining any other required documents for import, such as customs and phytosanitary forms

How can I tell the difference between an NPOP-NOP Certificate and a USDA NOP Certificate?

India Organic (NPOP) | Ekowarehouse

An NPOP-NOP Certificate will include the following:

  • Certified operators name and address located in India
  • NPOP Certificate number
  • NPOP & USDA seal
  • Certifier’s APEDA Accreditation Number
  • List of certified products

The Organic Seal | Agricultural Marketing Service

An NOP Certificate from a USDA accredited certifier will include the following:

  • Certified operators name and address
  • NOP Certificate number
  • USDA seal
  • List of certified products

… and can be verified by the OID.