Dear OneCert: Changes, Changes, Changes

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Dear OneCert Team,

Help! Our operation is undergoing some major changes and we want to stay compliant with the organic regulations. What type of documentation must we submit?

Thanks! Sarah

Dear Sarah,

Thank you for contacting OneCert regarding the changes to your organic operation.

Changes to your organic system plan can be submitted and reviewed at any time during the certification cycle.

Per CFR §205.406 Continuation of certification “a certified operation must annually pay the certification fees and submit the following information, as applicable, to the certifying agent: (1) An updated organic production or handling system plan which includes: (i) A summary statement, supported by documentation, detailing any deviations from, changes to, modifications to, or other amendments made to the previous year’s organic system plan during the previous year; and (ii) Any additions or deletions to the previous year’s organic system plan, intended to be undertaken in the coming year, detailed pursuant to §205.200 (for additional requirements see the full regulation here).

Once your request is received a OneCert reviewer will contact your operation with the following questions:

  • When did/will the change occur?
  • Will there be changes to staff responsible for organic compliance?
  • Will the OSP change, including changes to pest control, cleaning procedures, parallel production, etc.?

Simple Changes such as a change in mailing address, addition of a trade name or DBA, or updates to authorized contacts would require the below information to be submitted:

  • Updated Annual Update Form or Application Form
  • Updated Certification Agreement
  • Legal Entity documentation (e.g. trade name registration)

More complex changes such as legal entity, name change, location changes, etc. will require additional information to be submitted to OneCert. NOP Instruction 2603 Organic Certificates indicates that certificates are not transferrable. If you operation is undergoing a location or ownership changes a OneCert reviewer will contact you with additional questions. For legal entity changes please refer to the OneCert Legal Entity FAQ.

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