National List Comment Period Open!

National List Changes for Organic Crops, Livestock and Handling

Today the USDA published a proposed rule in the Federal Register to amend the National List for crops, livestock and handling based on recommendations from the NOSB after completing the 2022 Sunset Review. The proposed changes address recommendations submitted to the Secretary after past public meetings.

This proposed rule would remove:

  • Two substances currently allowed in organic crop production (7 CFR 205.601)
    • Sucrose Octanoate Esters (crop production)
    • Vitamin B1 (crop production)
  • Three substances currently allowed in organic livestock production (7 CFR 205.603)
    • Oxytocin (livestock production)
    • Procaine (livestock production)
    • Sucrose Octanoate Esters (livestock production)
  • Fourteen nonorganic ingredients (including eight nonorganic colors) currently allowed in organic handling (7 CFR  205.605 and 205.606)
    • Alginic acid
    • Colors (black currant juice color, blueberry juice color, carrot juice color, cherry juice color, grape juice color, paprika color, pumpkin juice color, turmeric extract color)
    • Kelp
    • Konjac flour
    • Sweet potato starch
    • Turkish bay leaves
    • Whey protein concentrate

USDA welcomes comments on the proposed amendments and the expected timeframe needed for organic operations to implement the proposed changes. The comment period will close on October 25, 2021.

More information on the National List, including how and why substances are added or removed from it, is available on The USDA, National Organic Program, National List webpage.