Have Hemp Acres? New Hemp Acreage & Production Survey this Fall

The USDA announced that starting this October they will be mailing a survey to collect information about total planted and harvested hemp in the United States. The survey will ask for information on various forms of hemp, including hemp grown for flower, transplants, grain for human consumption, fiber, and seed.

green leaves under blue sky during daytime

The survey is being conducted by the Domestic Hemp Production Program, which was established by the 2018 Farm Bill. Per the USDA, the survey will “provide needed data about the hemp industry to assist producers, regulatory agencies, state governments, processors, and other key industry entities.” The data will be used to set benchmarks, monitor the implementation of the 2018 Farm Bill, and assist other agencies with their programs that support domestic hemp production.

If you are a hemp producer, keep an eye out for the survey in your mail next month. You can complete it by hand and mail it back, or use the survey code in the mailer to complete it online.