Are You Eligible? Additional USDA Relief for Farm & Food Workers

The USDA announced September 7, 2021 that $700 million has been made available via the new Farm and Food Workers Relief (FFWR) grant program. Per the announcement, this program will aid farmworkers, meatpacking workers, and front-line grocery workers. The relief is intended to defray costs for expenses associated with the pandemic, such as: protective equipment, dependent care, expenses related to quarantines and testing.

This Labor Day, let us not forget the sacrifices farm workers made as essential workers in order to keep our food supply intact during the pandemic. And as we honor the contributions of workers across our nation, let’s show gratitude to the men and women who feed America and the world. 

Diana Tellefson Torres, UFW Foundation Executive Director

If you are wondering how the relief will be distributed, here is what we know so far:

  • The Request for Application (RFA) will be announced early this Fall, and will remain open for 60 days.
  • Funds will be awarded through grants to state agencies, Tribal entities and non-profits.
  • In order for these entities to apply, they have to demonstrate the ability to reimburse food and farm workers for up to $600 in expenses.
  • The USDA indicated more information will be coming when the application period opens.

This announcement also included news that additional aid will be coming. Specifically, we can soon expect to hear about “a separate $700 million suite of pandemic safety and response grants for producers, processors, farmers markets, distributors, and seafood processors and vessels impacted by COVID-19.”

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