2022: The Promise of a New Year

Here we are again, at the end of another year. As is usual for this time, we find ourselves looking back on the milestones of another busy year, but also looking forward to the new year with renewed energy.

Here are just a few of the things we are eagerly anticipating in 2022:


Strengthening Organic Enforcement from the USDA

We are counting on the USDA to finalize the SOE rulemaking in early 2022. We have high expectations for the proposed rules, which should clarify many portions of the regulations and provide for better traceability in the organic supply chain.


Starting Producer Renewals Early

Next year we are bumping up the due date for all US crops, wild crops, and livestock renewals to March 15, 2022. We think this little bit of extra time will aid inspection planning for all involved! You can expect your renewal packets in your mail/email mid January.


On-boarding New Inspectors

Perhaps the most difficult thing we faced in 2021 was unexpected inspector changes, including the loss of our friend, Stan Hildebrand. The silver lining is that we have recently started working with several excellent new inspectors that are rounding out our team of staff and contract inspectors for the 2022 season.


Fine Tuning Our Processes

In November of 2021 we happily concluded our mid-cycle NOP accreditation audit. We are very proud of our knowledgable team, who received excellent feedback from this audit, and we are glad that we only need to make some small adjustments to our forms and proceedures in response.


Implementing our New ‘Trader’ Application Packet

We are currently putting the finishing touches on an Organic System Plan (OSP) and application packet that is designed specifically for operations that do not take physical possession of organic products. This will streamline the process for this unique subgroup of handler operations.


Collaborating with Others

In 2021 we once again enjoyed collaborative efforts with other like-minded certification agencies. We look forward to continuing these efforts with the goal of more accurate interpretation and improved consistency in the implementation of the NOP regulations.

We would love to hear from you! What are you looking forward to most in the new year?